Keeping It Natural: A Glimpse Into ZahZee’s Dyeing Process

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Dumping Harsh Dyes

When walking into a women’s underwear store, you’re likely to be met with a variety of loud and bright colors. While they can be fun, it’s important to remember that a lot of underwear on the shelves today are dyed with harsh chemicals that have no place near the most sensitive parts of our bodies, which is why ZahZee uses mineral dyes and plants straight from mother earth to color our undies. 

The Process

After our garments are handmade by a fantastic team of women in Colorado who are dedicated to creating eco-friendly clothing items, they are shipped to New York to begin the dyeing process: 

  • Rinse the garments
  • Dip into a non-toxic, hypoallergenic binding agent
  • Use a combination of various minerals to achieve the desired color
  • Lightly wash out the mineral dye 
  • Hang dry in the sun to bind the color 
  • Wash post-dye with hypoallergenic laundry detergent prior to shipping

And there you have it! Our short and sweet dyeing process allows us to achieve a soft and lovely color on the garment without the use of chemical dyes. Our undies currently come in four colors: indigo, blush, natural and black. We are super excited to announce the addition of lavender ZahZee undies, coming soon! 

More To Come

As we continue to explore the many colorful options our earth has to offer, ZahZee is planning to dye with a wider variety of natural materials, including everything from flowers, to roots and sawdust. We will be working together with dye houses near the New York area to bring even more color into our ZahZee collection. Stay tuned!

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