Choosing Hemp: Paving The Way To Greener, Healthier Fashion

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Hemp Underwear: A Positive Change

As times change and we continue to uncover the many benefits of hemp in the fashion industry, ZahZee™ is utilizing this super plant to its full potential to create breathable, 96% biodegradable underwear. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of hemp in textiles, and how it can help both ourselves and our planet!

What To Know: 100% Cotton vs. Incorporating Hemp

If you were to search the internet for recommended underwear fabrics, you would probably find 100% cotton at the top of the list. While 100% cotton is a common choice, it may not be the best option for the health of our environment. 

According to 2019 data from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, taken from 96.7% of cotton grown in the USA, 93% of those crops were treated with herbicides. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lists potential environmental effects of herbicides, including water contamination and possible harm to animals. 

Make no mistake, our fabric blend is made of both 53% certified organic hemp and 43% certified organic cotton. The difference? Our cotton is carefully treated without the use of herbicides and pesticides, while also requiring less water. Hemp is a more sustainable material to incorporate in textiles since it is planted in dense crops with no real need for the pesticides and herbicides that are used on many cotton crops. When used alone, however, 100% hemp fabric is far too rough for underwear. That’s why we combined both materials to deliver the breathability and durability of hemp, with the softness of cotton! 

Helpful Hemp: Antimicrobial Properties

Cannabis sativa, of which hemp is a variety, contains antimicrobial properties reported as far back as folk medicine, according to an article from the Institute of Organic Chemistry. Hemp’s antimicrobial properties make it the perfect material for women’s underwear, helping to keep the most important areas of the garment clean and dry.

Keeping It Real

As sustainable fashion continues to trend, the frequency of greenwashing seems to be growing with it. ZahZee strives to be fully transparent with our customers regarding what goes into our products. While we cannot say our undergarments are 100% sustainable due to the 4% spandex used in one of our products, we want you to know that we are actively working to find greener alternatives. We also strive to use eco-friendly shipping materials and replace as much elastic with natural rubber as possible.

So, Why ZahZee?

Too many women’s underwear brands use environmentally damaging and unbreathable fabrics that hold in excess moisture, leading to potential bacterial issues and discomfort. Our undies feature a 55% organic hemp gusset (underwear liner), putting hemp’s antimicrobial and breathable properties to use in the place we need it most. 

ZahZee™ undies are created by women, for women. We understand the struggles of buying women’s underwear in the current market. We want to cater to women's needs while striving for quality and transparency as we work towards a more sustainable future. If you’re looking to make the switch to a more natural underwear, grab a pair from wear ZahZee™ today. 


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